4 Killed in Fatal Accident Near Socorro (2/8/16)

4 Killed in Fatal Accident Near Socorro (2/8/16)

4 Killed in Fatal Accident Near Socorro (2/8/16)

It is a sad start to the week for many families, grieving the loss of those that they love. The lives of four individuals were taken in a fatal speed-related accident in Lemitar, New Mexico (near Socorro). The accident happened close to 5:00pm on Monday, February 8th.

The driver of the vehicle, Veronica Robles, lost control of the SUV, which rolled several times. At the time, the vehicle was holding a total of seven individuals. According to the KRQE report (2/9/16), six of the seven were not appropriately secured by seat belts. Those 6 individuals were ejected from the vehicle, including two-year-old Elijah Foulenfont, who was killed as a result of the accident. The mother of the two-year-old boy, Audriana Foulenfont (age 23) was also killed in the crash, along with Mariah Garza (age 18) and Eduardo Gutierrez (age 23).

The only individual with a seat belt properly fastened was a one-year-old child. According to information received by KOAT (2/10/16), the one-year-old is now with family – thankfully already released from the hospital.
Robles and one other passenger are in critical condition.

Our sincere condolences to loved ones of all involved in this awful accident.

Per KOAT’s report, officials do not believe that alcohol or drugs were a factor in this accident.

This is a terribly unfortunate event, and it is particularly upsetting to see premature death which could have likely been prevented by a lower rate of speed and proper use of seat belts.


Negligence or carelessness is not an excuse for death.

If you or someone dear to you have suffered injuries or losses due to the carelessness or recklessness of another, we want to help. It’s important that you speak with an experienced lawyer as soon as possible to preserve your legal rights and begin your journey to justice. Negligence is not an excuse for injuries or death. Call (505) 247-2774 to speak directly with an attorney who focuses on auto accident and wrongful death cases.


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