5 Common Auto Accident Injuries

5 Common Auto Accident Injuries

5 Common Auto Accident Injuries

Auto accidents continue to be a top cause of injuries in the United States each year, and the outcome can mean weeks, months, or even years of recovery.  Here, we’ll outline 5 common injury types sustained in auto accidents.

Neck injuries

The most common type of injury caused by motor vehicle collisions is whiplash. We’ve explained what whiplash is, the symptoms, and the impact that these injuries can have in here.

Additional neck injuries may include those that can lead to more severe issues, such as disc herniation. Some neck injuries may require a great deal of physical therapy and possibly surgical treatment.


Back injuries

A wide range of back injuries can occur due to a motor vehicle accident. Back injuries suffered can include strains, sprains, fractures, dislocation of discs, and serious spinal injuries. Severe back injuries can cause chronic pain and possibly a loss of mobility.



When an accident happens, broken glass, severed metal, and various objects within the car may lead to lacerations (cuts). If the cut is deep, surgery may be necessary.  Scarring often occurs from cuts, particularly when lacerations are deep. Surgery may be necessary in order to minimize scarring, particularly if the scarring is on the face or neck.


Broken bones

When broken bones are suffered, emergency medical attention is necessary. Depending on the severity of the break – i.e., which bones have broken, where the break is, and how many breaks there are in the bone, surgical treatment may be needed. Broken arms, wrists, legs, ribs, and ankles are common following a car accident.



A concussion is literally an injury to the brain. Per the Mayo Clinic, these are traumatic brain injuries that alters the way that the brain functions. While many folks associate a concussion with a loss of consciousness, many concussions occur with no loss of consciousness. This can be particularly dangerous, since a concussion can occur without even realizing it.

Concussions happen when the brain shakes rigorously inside of the skull. In a car accident, this could happen if your head hits the window or steering wheel. It could also happen if your head does not hit anything.

If the contusions are minor, the impacted person may just need to get plenty of rest, so that the bruising can heal. However, some contusions will require hospitalization and possibly surgery to stop bleeding or decrease pressure on the brain.

If you’ve lost consciousness, are nauseated, vomiting, have headaches or experience disorientation, it’s very important to seek immediate medical attention.


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