AFatal Crash Causes Death of 19 Year Old Jacob Salazar

AFatal Crash Causes Death of 19 Year Old Jacob Salazar

AFatal Crash Causes Death of 19 Year Old Jacob Salazar

Albuquerque suffered another terrible car accident-related fatality over the weekend, losing Jacob Salazar at only 19 years of age. Our thoughts are with the loved ones of Mr. Salazar at this very difficult time.

The ABQ Journal (1/11/16, Barnitz) reports that Jacob Salazar was driving home from spending time with his girlfriend when a truck deviated over the median and struck Salazar’s vehicle in a fatal head-on collision. He was extracted from the smashed car, though did not make it to the hospital.

The driver of the truck who hit Salazar’s vehicle is suspected of drunk driving. According to the ABQ Journal article, the suspect was on parole at the time of the accident. He was released from prison in May of 2015 on parole after serving only 403 days of his 730 day sentence. His history includes probation violations from two previous burglary cases. He was also charged with DWI back in 2004, though the case was dismissed for unclear reasons.

Salazar’s mother stated to KOAT (1/11/2016, Ramirez), “We’ve got to realize that lives are being lost senselessly. It’s unacceptable.” And she’s right. In a large number of accident-related deaths, alcohol and/or drugs are involved.

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