Accident Attorney: Hyundai Recalls Nearly 11,000 Genesis Coupe Vehicles

Accident Attorney: Hyundai Recalls Nearly 11,000 Genesis Coupe Vehicles

Accident Attorney: Hyundai Recalls Nearly 11,000 Genesis Coupe Vehicles

As an accident attorney, it’s important to stay up-to-date on manufacturer recalls resulting from a faulty parts, processes, or negligence, as these flaws may increase risk of car accidents and car accident-related fatalities.

Recently, Hyundai recalled 10,800 manual transmission, model year 2013-2015 Genesis Coupe vehicles manufactured between December 28, 2011 to April 6, 2015. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, some of these vehicles may have suspension issues that could result in powertrain failure. This is due to rear suspension bolts which may be loose.


If the automotive differential (designed specifically to drive your wheel pairings, while allowing them to rotate at different speeds) and the suspension rear crossmember (designed to aid in smooth operation of your suspension system and help to keep your car aligned) were not properly aligned during assembly, the bolts that lock the differential may loosen. This could cause the driveshaft to separate from the differential, which could result in loss or reduction of propulsion and, therefore, an increased risk of an auto accident.

To date, it has not been stated whether or not this issue has been the cause of any car accidents or injuries.

Hyundai will notify owners of potentially affected vehicles beginning January 2016, and Hyundai dealers will provide remedial assembly at no cost to the owner. The recall number is 135.

If you are an owner of a 2013-2015 model year Hyundai Genesis Coupe, please respond to Hyundai’s notification to receive repair as soon as possible to avoid increased risk of a car accident.

Consult with an accident attorney as soon as possible.

If you have been involved in a car accident due to this misalignment, please consult an auto accident attorney. As an accident attorney who focuses on car accidents, I always offer free consultations to discuss your specific case.


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