NM Ranks 2nd in the US for Worst Drivers

NM Ranks 2nd in the US for Worst Drivers

NM Ranks 2nd in the US for Worst Drivers

As an auto accident personal injury law firm, it’s important to keep up with the latest driving statistics.  Car Insurance Comparison (CIC)  tracks and analyzes information concerning fatal auto accidents, including statistics from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.  Recently, CIC released an updated report which ranks states in the USA for the worst drivers.

In overall rankings, the #1 state with the worst drivers is Montana.

Tied for #2 is New Mexico and South Carolina.

Spot #4 goes to Texas, and Louisiana ranked #5.

It is noteworthy that, according to the CIC report, New Mexico drivers are getting worse at an alarming rate, jumping 17 positions to break into the top 5 states with the worst drivers for the first time In the prior edition of the report, New Mexico was ranked twenty-ninth.  And, in the report published before that, New Mexico was ranked nineteenth.

According to the CIC, its ranking for the (otherwise) “Land of Enchantment” changed for two major sub-factors.  First, the dramatic change was due to New Mexico ranking fifth among states with the worst “careless drivers”.  Secondly, New Mexico ranked 10th among states with the worst drunk drivers.  Also of note, New Mexico was ranked 17th in traffic fatalities.  Other factors considered were fatalities per miles driving, speeding and other moving violations per capita.

An experienced accident attorney should be aware of the latest local driving statistics and use this information in aspects of practice to enhance representation of clients.


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