Albuquerque Accident Attorney: GM Faulty Ignition Switches

Albuquerque Accident Attorney: GM Faulty Ignition Switches

General Motors (“GM”) continues to face some serious heat for faulty ignition switches which are responsible for accidents killing more than one hundred individuals. Hundreds of other individuals have been injured.

GM detected the faulty ignition switch at issue in some of its vehicles as early as 2001. An Albuquerque accident attorney may allege that the faulty ignition switch is responsible for injuries caused in certain types of car accidents involving certain types of GM model vehicles.

On July 1, 2009, GM filed for Chapter 11, bankruptcy.

In 2013, GM determined that the faulty ignition switch caused at least thirty one crashes and caused at least thirteen deaths.

In 2014, over a decade after detecting the faulty ignition switch, GM finally recalled some of the affected vehicles. Over time, GM recalls more and more affected vehicles.

On November 10, 2015, Bankruptcy Judge Robert Gerber ruled that plaintiffs can seek punitive damages if they can show that the New GM, post-bankruptcy, knew of the faulty switches but covered it up. GM has previously admitted it knew about faulty ignition switches for at least a decade but failed to recall any cars until 2014. Accordingly, an Albuquerque accident attorney handling corresponding faulty ignition switch cases against GM may now be more likely to recover large jury verdicts.

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