Albuquerque Accident Lawyer: Safety Tips for a Happy New Years Eve

Albuquerque Accident Lawyer: Safety Tips for a Happy New Years Eve

Albuquerque Accident Lawyer: Safety Tips for a Happy New Years Eve

Albuquerque accident lawyer Rob M. Baskerville and team wish you a safe and happy New Year.

It’s hard to believe that it’s time to say “so long” to 2015. Where does the time go? Tonight, we look forward to a fresh year full of new memories. While you toast away those bad habits, keep these safety tips in mind for a happy, healthy New Year’s Eve.

  1. Don’t drink and drive. While drunk driving is an issue all year long, countless parties and beverages lead to an increased risk around the holidays.  A DWI would make a terribly foul start for the New Year.  Making arrangements ahead of time will help to eliminate an urge to drive after drinking, because you won’t be in a bind.  Have a plan for getting home that does not involve driving after drinks.  Thinking about the following options:
    • Agree on a designated driver.
    • Request a car through  a share-ride service such as Uber or Lyft, take a cab.
    • Make accommodations at the hotel where you’ll be enjoying the night with friends and family, or perhaps in your host’s guest room (just don’t forget to ask first).
  1. Biking and walking under the influence can be just as dangerous as drunk driving, especially when others on the road may be intoxicated. If you’re going to walk or bike, do so in a sober fashion. If you are the designated driver, be on high alert for bikers and pedestrians.
  1. If driving, avoid distractions. When having a good time with friends and family, a car ride can mean several different conversations going on at the same time or loud music. You might also be following directions from your navigation system or texting your host for their address. All of these scenarios involve distractions that could place you in an accident in moments. Keep the sound volume low, have one of your passengers send texts or place calls on your behalf, and ask one of your passengers to be the navigator.
  1. Other Tips. Alternate water or other non-alcoholic beverages with those that do contain alcohol. At a minimum, drink one glass of water before and after drinking an alcoholic beverage. Be sure to eat before you drink, and continue to munch while drinking. If out at a restaurant or bar, be sure to stay in a group and never wander off alone.

Wishing you a safe, happy and healthy New Year!

-Your trusted legal team at Baskerville Law, LLC

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