Albuquerque Car Accident Broken Bone Lawyer

albuquerque car accident broken bone lawyer

Albuquerque Car Accident Broken Bone Lawyer

Broken bone injuries (also referred to as “fractures”) are a common result of auto accidents, including:

Whether it’s a fracture of the arm, leg, rib, hip, or another bone, broken bones are extremely painful.  Unfortunately, recovery time for broken bones can be far longer and medical bills can be much higher than expected.  To boot, broken bones are prone to re-injury.

If you have suffered broken bones as the result of an accident caused by someone else, call 505-247-2774 to learn about your legal rights and options.  An experienced Albuquerque car accident broken bone lawyer can uncover any monetary compensation that you are entitled to from the insurance company, so that you can focus on recovering.

Broken Bones and Other Car Accident Injuries

It is important that you seek appropriate medical attention as soon as possible following the collision.  An ambulance should arrive at the scene of the accident for this reason and can take you directly to the emergency room.  Beyond your initial examination and treatment, you will need ongoing treatment to make sure that your broken bone heals as well as possible, and physical therapy to ensure that you regain as much mobility as possible.  Sadly, the treatment and recovery process may take years.  For some, physical therapy is needed for the long haul.


There Are Several Types of Fractures

While the term “broken bone” seems fairly straight-forward, there are actually several types.  The recovery process for some may be longer and more involved than others.  According to, fractures are typically described by:

  • the location of the break
  • the alignment of the bones
  • whether the fracture caused complications with blood/nerve function
  • whether or not the skin is intact at the injury site

Regardless of the type, one thing is clear: a broken bone can be absolutely agonizing, and the injury can make once-simple tasks extremely difficult.

Fracture Symptoms

Common symptoms of broken bones include:

  • Pain that limits or blocks your ability to move the injured area
  • Pain that gets worse when applying pressure or weight to/on the area
  • Swelling and tenderness
  • Bruising
  • Skin discolored around the injured area
  • Presenting as a deformity; looking out of place
  • “Grating” sensation of the bone/joint.
  • Bone punctured through the skin
  • Dizziness
  • Nausea/vomiting


Compensation For Your Current Medical Expenses May Not Be Enough

When we value our clients’ accident claims, we don’t just look at their medical expenses to date.  We also consider what they’ll likely need to pay in the future.  Once a settlement or award is reached, any future medical bills is your responsibility.  This is why the valuation process is so critical and should be conducted by an experienced personal injury lawyer who handles car accident cases involving broken bones.  Among this and several other factors, we also consider any wages you have lost due to inability to work while you are recovering from your injury.

Discuss Your Car Accident Injuries With An Attorney

Our Albuquerque car accident broken bone lawyer is here for you.  We are dedicated to getting you justice and the monetary compensation that you deserve for the injuries you have suffered.  Call Baskerville Law LLC at 505-247-2774. or fill out the free consultation request form on our Contact page.  We offer free, no obligation auto injury consultations and a no-fee guarantee.