Orbit Baby Car Seat Contains Flame Retardant

Orbit Baby Car Seat Contains Flame Retardant

As an Albuquerque personal injury lawyer, I strive to keep the Albuquerque community up-to-date on defective car-related products. Unfortunately, CBS News reported yesterday that a popular car seat by The Bay Area Company Orbit Baby has been found to contain Tris(1,3-dichloroisopropyl)phosphate (also known as TDCPP), a flame retardant chemical. This comes as a surprise, as Orbit Baby introduced their car seat as the only one manufactured without the most hazardous flame retardants.

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As many Americans strive for less toxic lives, it’s often surprising to see how many chemicals are present in our everyday lives. Many parents are turning to eco-friendly brands to lessen toxic chemical exposure for themselves and their families. Those products usually come with a big price tag.

A manufacturer declaring to produce a car seat manufactured without dangerous flame retardants was called out recently, according to KPIX News.

Why would a car seat contain any flame retardants at all? Many of these chemicals have been linked to disorders, developmental issues in children, and cancer. Well, the reason is federal law. The law requires that the foam under each car seat be flame retardant.

Orbit Baby offered the first-ever car seat manufactured without the most harmful chemicals. Naturally, parents abound with relief and many thank yous.

Some customer’s, however, wanted to double-check the tests. The owner of a non-toxic store also had hers tested, this time by researchers at Duke University. The researchers discovered that the seat contained TDCPP, a form of Tris.