Should I Settle With the Auto Insurance Company On My Own?

Should I Settle With the Auto Insurance Company On My Own?

Should I Settle With the Auto Insurance Company On My Own?

As a personal injury law firm focused on car accident cases, we’re often asked:

“Should I settle with the insurance company on my own?
Won’t they treat me fairly since the accident clearly wasn’t my fault?”

This question is closely tied to our previously-answered FAQ “When do I need to hire a car accident lawyer?” and the answer largely depends on whether or not you were injured in the accident.

If you were injured, then here’s the issue with attempting to settle on your own:
Unfortunately, most individuals who handle their own auto insurance claim after a car accident settle for a very small amount or give up altogether. This typically happens after spinning their wheels gathering records and having several fruitless conversations with insurance adjusters. All the while, the insurance company has wasted their valuable time.

This is where many victims get confused and, understandably, frustrated:

“…but the collision wasn’t my fault. It’s very clear from the records! Why are they giving me the run-around?”

The harsh reality is:
Insurance companies are businesses with a bottom line, and their priority is to retain as much of their profits as possible.

How do they succeed in that goal?

By paying out as little money as possible.

This means that auto insurance companies often attempt to pay out the minimum compensation possible to victims of an accident.

…Even if the collision was unquestionably NOT your fault.

And, this may shock you, but this is generally true even if the insurance company is your own.

Insurance adjusters are trained professionals that ask seemingly harmless questions in specific ways to receive specific answers from you – including those from your own insurance company. And, the answers that adjusters seek out can have a major effect on the outcome of your case.

Insurance companies are looking out for their own best interests. Not yours.

This can be difficult to digest, especially when you’ve sustained injuries or lost a loved one due to the accident which was not your fault.

You may remember when Anderson Cooper of CNN reported on questionable insurance practices.
If not, take a few minutes to watch the videos below.


While these reports are from several years ago, not much, if anything at all, has changed.
That’s because many insurance companies have turned claims into a money-making process.

These are not far-isolated instances, but rather the reality that many victims face each day.

In more recent news, Anderson reported yet again on questionable practices of insurance companies – this time involving a push from insurance companies to conduct “cheap repairs,” which could risk your safety.

Get the scoop from this video:

Does this mean that you’re defenseless?
Absolutely not.

While it seems unfair that you may need to hire an auto accident lawyer to help you get the compensation that you deserve, the personal injury law field is present for a reason.

You might be wondering if hiring a personal injury attorney means that you’ll receive less compensation in the end.

Well, here’s the good news.

Even after paying a car accident lawyer to help you out, in most cases, the recovery amount that you receive will be much higher than attempting to settle the claim on your own without the help of an attorney. Also, you should never have to pay your accident attorney out-of-pocket, and never until he/she recovers compensation for you.

The best part is:
A skilled personal injury lawyer will ensure that you are treated fairly as he/she helps you to navigate through the complex legal process.

Your auto accident lawyer will deal with the adjusters, so that you don’t have to.  This means that you can focus on what is more important… getting better.


Contact an experienced auto accident attorney.

At Baskerville Law LLC, we’re experienced in auto collision matters and here to walk with you and your loved ones through this incredibly difficult time. Our primary focus is, and always will be, getting the best results for you.

Whether you’re seeking help from an auto accident attorney in Albuquerque or wrongful death attorney in Rio Rancho, Baskerville Law will achieve the best possible outcome for your case.

To do this, we tie our success to yours:
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