How Long Will It Take to Resolve My Auto Injury Case?

How Long Will It Take to Resolve My Auto Injury Case?

How Long Will It Take to Resolve My Auto Injury Case?

Injured in an auto accident?  Wondering how long it will take to receive the monetary compensation that you deserve?  Baskerville Law LLC – auto injury attorney in Albuquerque NM – addresses this question below, so read on!


Folks who have been injured in a car accident often just want the entire experience to be over.

The recovery process can come at a high price, which can feel overwhelming – even more so if you’ve been out of work due to injuries or if your injuries have greatly affected everyday life.  So, it comes as no surprise that one of the questions we’re frequently asked is, “How long will it take to resolve my case?”

Here’s the short of it:
As is true with many of the questions frequently asked regarding personal injury claims, the answer is that it depends upon your unique situation.  There is no cookie cutter answer and, please, beware of any one-size-fits-all answer that you receive.

The reality is:
There are a plethora of factors that affect the timeline of your particular case.  We’ll review some of those factors in this post.

When you’ve been in an auto accident caused by another party, you have a couple of initial options:
(1) take a quick settlement from the insurance company that may be “low-ball”
(2) hire an experienced accident attorney to represent you and your best interests.

Don’t get me wrong:
In some cases, taking the settlement could be your best option.  However, it’s highly recommended to consult with a personal injury attorney prior to making that decision.

Most reputable auto accident attorneys should consult with you at no cos.  After learning a little more about your situation, he/she should also be able to let you know whether hiring an attorney is even your best option.  If injuries are involved, the odds are that it is.  (See our answer to the FAQ “Do I need a personal injury attorney“)


Some factors influencing the timeline of your auto injury claim are:

(1) The type and severity of your auto accident related injuries.
For example:
Recovery for some injuries may involve medical treatments over the course of a few weeks, with 100% resolution of the pain and injuries afterward.  Other injuries may require lengthy medical facility stays, surgeries, recovery from broken bones or internal injuries, or long-term medical treatment.

In order to receive appropriate financial compensation for your losses, it’s important that your medical damages be clearly and objectively established.  

This said, a lower measure of damages may lead to your case being settled within a few months’ time.

On the other hand, some cases may take years and may require a lawsuit.

This is really important:
In order to understand the medical costs that are associated with your case, it is essential to (1) receive the medical care that you need to recover and (2) to allow your medical treatments to fully run their course.

Take great caution in settling before your medical provider advises that you’re back to 100%.
Otherwise, it’s entirely possible that you’ll require future medical treatment.  
And, if you settle before you have made a full recovery, you will be responsible for any future medical costs related to the injuries you suffered in the collision.

In some cases, a full recovery may take several months or years.  In others, a full recovery may not be possible.  Your attorney should address your specific circumstances and options with you, as the extent of your injuries and recovery time will likely affect the time needed to resolve your case.

(2) Once you have been released from treatment by your medical provider, it typically takes some time to receive all medical records and bills related to the injuries you suffered in the auto accident.  A delay in receiving these records and bills from the medical facilities could cause delay to resolving your case.

Read our post that explains why your medical bills and records are so important to your personal injury claim.

(3) Another factor contributing to the total time to resolution of your auto accident claim is the case load of your car accident attorney.
A higher case load can lead to delayed movement and, therefore, settlement or award.

This is something that many auto injury victims are unaware of when hiring a personal injury attorney.  Don’t be afraid to ask about the average time that the attorney takes to resolve his or her personal injury cases after medical treatment has concluded.

At Baskerville Law LLC, we believe in keeping our case load reasonable, so that we are able to give each client’s case the attention and priority that it needs to recover as much money as possible for their losses as quickly as possible.

We feel that this is so important that, when our case load is at the maximum level for us to continue to be effective and efficient, we do not accept additional cases until we can give current and new cases proper attention. We believe that this can make a large impact in the time from initial consultation to recovery of financial compensation.  As you’re likely finding, there are already so many (mostly necessary) delays to resolving an auto accident claim; Baskerville Law LLC never wants to add to the delay because of a case volume that is too heavy.

(4) In addition, the insurance company involved and workload of the insurance adjuster also plays a role.
The information that we submit to the insurance company can be very dense, and it can take several weeks for the insurance company to fully review the information.  While our team closely monitors the time that it takes for the insurance company to respond, a more complex claim will likely require more time to review.

To boot:
Some insurance companies have multiple levels of approval, often if the claim is above a certain dollar amount.

(5) Potential “problems” in the case can also cause delay.
At times, there may be questions around liability.  This is why it is so very important to call the police when you’re involved in an accident.

The insurance company may also question claimed damages, including whether the negligence of the other driver caused your injuries or if they were pre-existing.

These factors are critical to determining the value of your case.

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