Auto Injury Attorney: BMW Fined for Safety Violations

Auto Injury Attorney: BMW Fined for Safety Violations

Auto Injury Attorney: BMW Fined for Safety Violations

If you have suffered injuries due to your 2014 or 2015 Mini Cooper model failing to meet side-impact crash standards, or if a loved one has been hurt or died as a result, please contact an auto injury attorney as soon as possible.

According to the Washington Post, United States safety regulators have penalized BMW with a $40 million fine for not moving quickly enough to fix Mini Brand cars that failed to pass federal crash tests.

Per the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), BMW did not send correct information regarding the recall. BMW has been ordered to pay $10 million, and another $10 million must be spent by the company to take the appropriate actions to become compliant. To boot, an additional $20 million fine may be imposed if the company slips during this “probation”. In other words, if any additional safety violations are perpetrated or if the company does not comply.

According to an announcement by the NHTSA, in October 2014, a Mini Cooper did not pass an agency crash test. Per BMW’s response tot he agency, the car was not listed with the appropriate weight rating. Per the automaker, this is the reason why the vehicle did not pass. Afterward, BMW agreed to recall and fix the weight rating label. The automaker also agreed to a service campaign. Unfortunately, this didn’t happen. The NHTSA tested the vehicle again in July and the Mini Cooper failed the crash test again. Following, it was found by the NHTSA that BMW never completed the service campaign.The German automaker is likely regretting that now.

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