Automobile Accident Lawyer Albuquerque: Family of 10th Takata Victim Suing

Automobile Accident Lawyer Albuquerque: Family of 10th Takata Victim Suing

Automobile Accident Lawyer Albuquerque: Family of 10th Takata Victim Suing

The family of the 52 year old gentleman who died in December after crashing into a cow in South Carolina is now suing Ford and Takata for their untimely loss. As reported over the weekend, this is the tenth death linked to the explosion of faulty Takata air bags. In this particular case, shrapnel from the ruptured air bag inflators struck the man’s neck, causing his death. Per KNBC-TV Los Angeles (1/27/16, Hogan), the preliminary autopsy report indicates that the death was due to a “fatal projectile of the neck probably from the air bag.”

Investigation into the death of a potential eleventh victim is underway. The accident occurred in India last year. The driver of a 2007 Honda Civic was killed in the accident. Per the Associated Press (1/27/16, Krisher), Indian authorities have cited other injuries associated with a high-speed crash; however, the air bag inflator did spray metal fragments into the cabin of the vehicle.

According to the AP, 2007 Civic inflators differ from those that are installed in India, and the United States vehicles have not been included in the recently expanded recall.

So, how is Takata faring now? Well, their stock has already taken a plop. Now, Reuters (1/28/16, Tajitsu, Shiraki) reports that Takata CEO, Shigehisa Takada, is anticipated to depart from the company due to the massive safety scandal.

Additional information and a list of vehicles included in the recall can be viewed here. If your vehicle has been included in the recall, please make arrangements for the issue to be corrected as soon as possible.

Automobile Accident Lawyer Albuquerque

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