Car Accident Attorney Albuquerque: Drunk Driving Wrecks

Car Accident Attorney Albuquerque: Drunk Driving Wrecks

Car Accident Attorney Albuquerque: Drunk Driving Wrecks

Intoxicated drivers are among the most hazardous of all. Because of the carelessness of a drunk driver, a child can lose a parent, a parent can lose a child, a spouse can lose his/her other half – all in an instant. Every year in the U.S., more than 10,000 individuals are killed in car accidents that involve a drunk driver. In fact, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reported that, in 2012, 33,561 individuals died as a result of an alcohol-involved accident. According to MADD, someone is dead every fifty-three minutes due to a drunk driving crash, and someone is hurt every two minutes. These statistics are so very frustrating, especially since the accidents that cause these injuries and deaths are completely preventable. When you suffer losses due to the negligence of a drunk driver, you deserve justice.

At Baskerville Law, we have years of experience winning settlements and negotiating with insurance companies on behalf of clients who have been injured due the negligence of others.

What is considered “drunk driving” in New Mexico?

The drunk driving laws in New Mexico specify a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of .08 or more as illegal for operating a vehicle. However, BAC need only be .02% for an individual under the age of 21, or .04% for an individual who is driving a commercial vehicle.

Why would you need a car accident attorney?

A number of complex factors are involved in the majority of drunk driving cases. Working with an attorney that you trust will allow you to have the best possible chance of recovering compensation that is justly deserved.

Our Albuquerque drunk driving accident lawyer will seek as much compensation for you as quickly as possible. Baskerville Law works with you on a contingency basis, which means that if we do not recover compensation for you, you owe us nothing. You’ll also never pay our firm out of pocket.

Car Accident Attorney Albuquerque

If you are injured due to the carelessness of a drunk driver in New Mexico, or if you have lost a loved one due to the negligence of a drunk driver, please call our knowledgeable and aggressive auto accident attorney in Albuquerque, Rob Baskerville. Baskerville Law fights for justice and fair compensation for our New Mexico community members who have been injured. Call (505) 247-2774 today for your no-cost case evaluation with our New Mexico car accident lawyer who cares.