Fiat Chrysler Inadequately Reported Death and Injury Claims

Fiat Chrysler Inadequately Reported  Death and Injury Claims

Fiat Chrysler Inadequately Reported Death and Injury Claims

At Baskerville Law, our car accident lawyer stays up to date on the latest news in the auto industry. Yesterday, Business Insider reported that Fiat Chrysler admitted to under-reporting a “significant” amount of deaths, injuries and legal claims for which the company was obligated to divulge.

The Associated Press (9/29/15, Morgan) reported that Fiat Chrysler is in a trench facing United States safety regulators. As a reminder, the auto maker was recently slapped with a $105 million fine for recall errors. Now, the company may be subject to even more fines due to inadequate safety reports.

Per the Associated Press article, Federal regulators discovered inconsistencies between data reported to the NHTSA and data found through a later investigation. Data regarding fatalities and injuries claimed were inadequately reported to the NHTSA.

Fiat Chrysler has stated that they are taking the issue very seriously and is working to resolve this matter through cooperation with the NHTSA.

This comes after an agreement which required that Fiat Chrysler pay an amount of $70 million and spend $20 million on improvements to the auto maker’s process for recalls. The agreement also laid out that the company would be subject to $15 million in additional fines for further infractions.


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