Jan 4, 2016: Local Physician Teodora Konstantinova Killed in Accident

Jan 4, 2016: Local Physician Teodora Konstantinova Killed in Accident

Jan 4, 2016: Local Physician Teodora Konstantinova Killed in Accident

A terrible accident which occurred over the weekend took the life of a highly respected local physician, Dr. Teodora Konstantinova. According to the KOB report released yesterday evening (January 4, 2016), Dr. Konstantinova was stopped in her vehicle at a red light at the intersection of Louisiana and Constitution on Saturday morning around 7:00am when a truck ran into her car from behind. She was rushed to the hospital with catastrophic injuries. Very unfortunately, she died from injuries sustained from the accident later that day.

Per statements given by the police, the cause of the accident has not yet been determined. It has been stated that drugs and alcohol were not a factor in this tragic accident, though speed is being investigated. Police also say that the driver who crashed into Dr. Konstantinova’s stationary vehicle may have been having a medical condition when the crash occurred.

Our very sincere condolences to Dr. Konstantinova’s loved ones. This is a terribly upsetting loss for the Albuquerque community.


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