The Baskerville Law ADVANTAGE

The Baskerville Law ADVANTAGE

Auto insurance companies can intimidate. They can add heightened anxiety. They might fight you tooth and nail – just to pay out the least amount of money possible. For insurance companies, it’s about their bottom line, rather than what you have lost.

At Baskerville Law, we work tirelessly to secure proper compensation for you – always working with your best interests in mind. Get The Baskerville Law ADVANTAGE and let our passion and experience work for you.


WHAT IS The Baskerville Law ADVANTAGE?

Put simply, The Baskerville Law ADVANTAGE is the foundation of who we are as a firm. It is a combination of our guiding principles and the commitment that we make to our clients.

(1) Free consultations.
Auto accident-related personal injury consultations are always free. They’re also conducted by owner attorney Rob Baskerville – never a legal assistant, answering service, paralegal or junior attorney.

(2) Legal representation that is active, not passive.
We do not allow client files to collect dust. Each claim is the story of a client who trusted us to help them. We are actively engaged with our clients and their claims, and we feel strongly about maintaining our high level of engagement. In fact, if our case load is at maximum capacity for remaining effective and efficient, then we won’t take on new cases.

(3) We’re passionate about our work.
At Baskerville Law, we’re passionate about helping our clients and the work that we do. We’re passionate about seeking justice. We understand the pain, uncertainty, emotional strain and financial hardship that injury and death can cause to those harmed and their loved ones. We’re devoted to helping you through the chaos that can follow an auto collision and helping to restore health and tranquility to your life.

(4) We place our clients first.
We believe that our passion and commitment to doing what is right for our clients sets us apart. We work to ensure that our clients receive the medical and legal care that they need to recover from their losses, both physically and financially. We start by greeting each new client with the attention, compassion, and prioritization that they deserve. Your thoughts, needs and concerns matter to us. Each client is our most important client.

(5) We return phone calls as soon as possible.
We believe in being as accessible as possible. We keep our lines of communication open. You will be able to contact your attorney directly. When we miss your call, we commit to calling you back as soon as we can – the same day when possible.

(6) We go above and beyond.
We offer complementary and relevant legal services above and beyond what is considered the “norm” for most personal injury law firms.

(7) We’re honest.
We are always honest and ethical.

(8) No-Fee Guarantee Plus (+).
We work on a contingency fee basis, meaning that we only get paid when we recover compensation for you. This ties our success to yours. What is the plus (+) about? Well, when we recover compensation for you, we believe that YOU should keep as much of your settlement or award as possible. Our contingency fee is very competitive for the market. Our fee structure is completely transparent. No out-of-pocket costs for you and no hidden fees. High quality legal services and MORE money in YOUR pocket.




We attribute our success to the sincere passion, depth of knowledge and expertise that we have to offer.  Our Albuquerque injury lawyer, Rob Baskerville, is committed to his clients and to excellence.  Our approach and core values have led to exceptional results in past auto accident cases, and we take pride in obtaining results that are favorable for our clients.

The highest compliment that we can receive is a word-of-mouth referral, and we are grateful for the trust that our clients place in our firm every day.  This further fuels our passion to provide our community with high quality and trustworthy legal services.





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